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Emile Louis Picault
French, (1833-1915)

Porte Entendard & Arbalétrier
Bronze, pair,

Height: 16.5 & 15 inches

Emile Louis Picault was born on 24 August 1833 in Paris. He studied under the Flemish sculptor Louis Royer (1793–1868) and started exhibiting at the Paris Salon from 1863 to 1909. He became one of the most accomplished sculptors and produced around one thousand pieces, mainly in bronze contracting his work out to several small Parisian foundries. Most of his subject matter was predominantly male featuring historical heroes, soldiers, knights and musicians. He also produced allegorical subjects as well as a series of Egyptian figures. Picault died in 1915 in Paris. A number of his works can be found in museums including Chambery Museum, the Clermont-Ferrand Museum, the Maubeuge Museum and the Troyes Museum, Paris.

Price £3,200