Circle of Robert Byng

British, (1666-1720)
Portrait of a Boy
Oil on canvas

A fine half-length portrait of a boy, circle of Robert Byng. Wearing a fashionable grey coat with large round edged turned up cuffs over a white silk frill necked chemise and contrasting embroidered vest, the sitter is clearly from a family of some standing. His hair is worn in the powdered fashion of the day and under his arm he holds a black tricorne hat with braided edge. His appearance and style of dress is in keeping with the fashions of the first decade of the 18th century. In his right hand he holds a sprig of what could be Laurel, which as well as indicating a love of the outdoors, also alludes to the hopes and wishes his parents had for his future as they symbolise ambition, success and renown. The portrait has clearly been executed by an artist of great ability who has been influenced by Robert Byng.

Robert Byng was a portrait artist from Wiltshire. He worked as a studio assistant to Sir Godfrey Kneller, a leading portrait painter working in England during the late 17th and early 18th century. As well as working in Kneller's studio Byng produced a number of works in his own right. Examples of his paintings can be found in public art collections including Wells City Council, Thetford Museum & the University of Oxford.

Presentation The painting is housed in a new, English made ebonised frame with gilt slip which is in excellent condition.
Condition As with all of our original antique oil paintings, this work is offered in ready to hang gallery condition, having been professionally cleaned, restored and revarnished.
Image Size 28.5 inches x 23.5 inches (72.5cm x 60cm)
Framed Size 34.5 inches x 29.5 inches (87.5cm x 75cm)