Nils H Christiansen

Evening Skating
Danish, (1850-1922)
Oil on canvas, signed

Nils Hans Christiansen was a well-accomplished painter born in Esbjerg in the Jutland peninsula of southwest Denmark on July 22nd 1850. He specialised in winter landscapes and moonlight scenes and was interested in the effects of light, often painting the sunrise and sunsets against his native land.

He first came to England in 1863 for the Royal Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandria. Although he worked mainly in Denmark and Norway, he spent some time in England where he is believed to have exhibited with many of the leading art galleries in London. In addition to exhibiting in England, Christiansen also exhibited in his home country at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen where he became a member. He seems to have settled in England and on 10 September 1887 he married Alice Dickens at York Square, Stepney and lived in West Ham. His success brought him royal connections and he was given a Grace and Favour apartment at Windsor by Queen Victoria. Christiansen died in 1922 at Plaistow, East London aged 71.

His paintings are always beautifully drawn and with the inclusion of figures give added interest to the viewer. A number of his works can be found in museums and art collections in England including Epping Forest Museum, Warwickshire Museum and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

The painting is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.