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Francesco Beda
Italian, (1840-1900)

The Art Lesson
Oil on canvas

36 inches x 26 inches

Francesco Beda was an Italian genre painter born in Trieste on 29 November 1840. His son Giulio (1879-1942) was also a talented artist. Beda’s proximity to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, led him to study art in Vienna under Karl von Blaas (1815-1894) who initially influenced his subject matter towards portraits and historical subjects. After completing his studies he worked in Trieste but also travelled across Austria, Hungary and Croatia painting commissions for wealthy patrons such as Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the Prince of Rolian, and Bishop Strossmayer of Zagreb. By 1876 the taste for historical scenes that harked back to a golden era had emerged across Europe and Beda began to produce meticulously painted works of ladies and gentleman in fine costumes set against opulent surroundings. He died in Trieste on 21 June 1900. Examples of Beda’s works can be found in the Trieste Museum.

Price £26,000